What makes us just excellent? 

We find you the top performers on the market. We support multinationals, mediumsized and up-and-coming or rapidly growing companies who appreciate the value of tailor-made consulting services. We work both in our local markets (in Austria and Switzerland) and around the world. We offer the comfort and assurance of a local contact in many countries. We support our clients:

  • in effectively setting up national and international subsidiaries and offices
  • in the recruiting process for middle and top management positions
  • in finding specialists
  • in the selection of high potentials
  • in restructuring processes

At Just Excellent Consulting, our national and international market knowledge is backed by years of experience and know-how, a network of excellent contacts and our extensive "Executive Research on Demand" services. This puts us in a ideal position to evaluate the job market and provide our clients with a comprehensive assessment of the situation at the right time and in line with their specific requirements. This provides an added level of security, particularly for clients seeking to establish themselves and develop new locations and markets.

Jutta Strauss accompanies, in her position as a Business Psychologist and Suprvisor, Top-Managers and Artists on their personal or professional way. The professional way, HR-decisions, change-processes, strategical and private subjects, Burn-out, stage-relevant challenges (stage-fright, pressure-dealing) and much more find their space in these settings.